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Bhutan Children's Book Initiative (BCBI) workshop -[Posted on 24th Feb.  2015]
As per the direction received from Department of Curriculum Research Division (DCRD), Ministry of Education, Paro and subsequent approval ZD/Edn- 02/2014-2015/68,Dated 24/2/2015, Education sector would like to conduct Cluster Based  In-service Program on Bhutan Children’s Book Initiative (BCBI) to teachers teaching English & Dzongkha languages from classes PP-III (list attached), also for Principals. To minimize the disturbances to normal classes, the workshop will be conducted on weekends and in 4 (four clusters) i.e. at Bardo PS (for Upper Kheng schools), at Tingtibi LSS & Gomphu LSS (for middle Kheng schools) and at Panbang PS (for Lower Kheng Schools).Team from SC Office and DCRD will also attend as observer.

1.        Working lunch & tea for 2 times will be served, but it is left at the discretion of camp coordinators for further arrangement.
2.        No TA/DA will be paid on the spot, instead coordinators will send compiled bills (TA/DA, lunch & refreshment bills) to Dzongkhag Education Office, accordingly will let accounts to verify and will be deposited in respective account (please mention in TA/DA bill), as soon as possible.
3.        If participants need to lodge at school with personal beddings, they may contact camp coordinator (Principal of host school).
4.        To minimize the disturbances of normal classes, alls the participants are expected to reach back to schools after the workshop as calculated.

For Tingtibi/Gomphu/Panbang Cluster
·         25th Feb. - Reporting of Resource Persons
·         26th Feb.- RPs preparation/ Participants Report
·         27th - 28th Feb. -  Workshop

For Bardo Cluster
·         26th Feb.- Reporting day for Resource Persons
·         27th Feb.- RPs preparation/ Participants Report
·         28th & 1st March  -  Workshop
For the success of the maiden program, all are expected to attend & participate the workshop with out fail.
List of participants email to respective school.

1. Bardho CPS Cluster  (Bardo PS, Thrisa PS, Shingkhar PS, Nimshong PS, Khomshar PS)
2. Tingtibi LSS Cluster (ZLSS, Tshaildang PS, Tali PS, TLSS, BMSS, Goling PS, Kikhar PS & Tshanglajong PS)
3. Gomphu LSS Cluster ( GLSS, Langdurbi PS, Dunmang PS, Pantang PS, Tradijong PS, Digala PS)
4. Panbang PS Cluster ( Kaktong Ps, Panbang PS, Buddashi PS, Barpong PS, Repati PS, Goshing PS, Tashibi PS, Bjoka PS)

List of Teachers teaching PP-III in 2015 -[Posted on 22nd Feb.  2015]
Please send list of teachers teaching PP-III in 2015 to before 5 .00 PM (22nd Feb. 2015), also include Principal in the list, it is mainly requred for BCBI workshop as discussed in last 22nd DPCM at Zhemgang.

22nd Dzongkhag Principals Coordination Meeting-[Posted on 6th Feb.  2015]
As deliberated during last Dzongkhag Principals' Coordination Meeting, education sector would like to convene  22nd Dzongkhag Principals’ Coordination Meeting (DPCM) on 10th & 11th February 2015 (2 days) at Zhemgang HSS premises. The agenda of discussion will be:

1.      Re-visit resolutions of 21st DPCM.
2.      Cascade the resolutions of last Annual Education Conference.
3.      Miscellaneous issues.
1. Minute Keeper: Principal, Kaktong PS
2. Arrangement of hall : Principal, Zhemgang HSS

REMINDER: (As recommended during 21st Principals' Coordination Meeting)
1. Mr.Samten, Teacher, Tshanglajong PS to represent Tshanglajong PS.
2. Mr. Jangchuk, Teacher, Langdurbi PS to represent Digala PS
3. Mr.Thukten Singye, Bjoka PS to represent for Repati PS.
4. Mr.Choda, Teacher, Barpong PS to represent Tashibi PS
5. Mr.Dorji Lungten, Teacher, Tshaildang PS to represent Kikhar PS.

HAPPY NEW YEAR-2015 !!! - [Posted on 31st Dec.  2014] 

To : All the Principals, Teachers, Staff & Students
From : Dzongkhag & Dungkhag Education Sector.

CONGRATULATION !!! - [Posted on 31st Dec.  2014] 
Dzongkhag administration, and Zhemgang education family in particular would like to extend heartfelt Trashi Delak to Mr.Sonam Tshering, Principal, Bardho PS for receiving prestigious "National Order of Merit-2014 "for serving remote school/s.Such awards not only boosts the energy of our staff in the remote schools, but also instills sense of pride being teacher.
Hope his award paves path for our other colleagues to put extra effort and serve Tsa-Wa-Sum with utmost dedication.

Mr.Sonam Tshering,Principal, Bardo PS 
(National Order of Merit-2014 Recipient- for serving in remote school)

Nominations of ToT for BCBI project - [Posted on 10th Dec.  2014] 

Karma Wangdi
Goshing PS
Pema Wangdi
Khomshar PS
Kunzang Wangmo
Thrisa PS
Pema Tshering
Bardo PS
Sonam PeldenZhemgang LSS
Thukten Singye
Bjoka PS
Dorji Lungten
Tshaildang PS
Kunzang Choden
Gomphu LSS
Panbang PS
Tsheltrum Dorji
Shingkhar PS
1.      Who is not Principal or Teacher In charge.
2.      As per recommendation of Principal (competence & confidence).
3.      Not enrolled in winter award bearing programs or workshops

Placement of Students in 2015 - [Posted on 9th Dec.  2014] 

Feeder Schools :
Class in 2014
Recipient Schools :
Buli MSS/Yebilaptsa MSS/Sonamthang MSS

Zhemgang HSS
Gomphu LSS & Zhemgang LSS
Tingtibi LSS

Yebilaptsa MSS
Langdurbi PS/Tshaildang PS/Golling PS
Shingkhar PS/Bardo PS/Khomshar PS

Buli MSS
Kikhar PS & Nimshong PS & Tali PS
Bjoka PS/Kaktong PS/Panbang PS/Tashibi PS/Pantang PS/Goshing PS & Buddashi PS
Sonamthang MSS
Tshanglajong PS/Dunmang PS

Gomphu LSS
Tradijong PS*
Thrisa PS
Shingkhar PS
Degala PS**
Langdurbi PS
Repati PS***
Panbang PS/Pantang PS
Barpong PS
Bjoka PS

*Tradijong PS to direct all the class III, IV, V & VI passouts to Gomphu LSS from 2015 academic
* Degala PS needs to go to Landurbi PS on contrary to our discussion during Principals’Meeting.   
   Langdurbi PS has already developed its facilities.
***Students of Panbang PS (VI and below) & Repati PS deserving boardership may be placed in Pantang PS.

·         Tama ECR will be closed w.e.f 2015 academic session, as there isn’t much children attending the school, resulting in waste of resources. Formal endorsement will be done during coming DT
Placement has been done in line with decision made during 21st Dzongkhag Principals Coordination Meeting. All are expected to inform children & parents accordingly.