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(First runnersup of category I (VII & VIII) Essay Competition held on 02/06/2014 at Tingtibi
Lower Sec. School.)Impact of Social Forestry Day in our country
As we know that forest is very important for us and it covers 72% of our country. June 2nd is celebrated as social forestry day in our country because it is the day of our Fourth Druk Gyelpo, Jigme Singye Wanghuk. The day is taken as a very important day by our government as well as the people. Because uneducated people don’t know the advantages and disadvantages.They are very innocent. Not only the uneducated people even the educated people are not taking care and looking around what is happening. This shows that they are not concerned about our forest which helps us in many ways. This day (June 2nd) is celebrated mainly because to make the people aware of the importance of having a good forest coverage. Educated people like we must pass the message to other people. If we do this then we are sure that others may start planting trees or preventing forest.
Forest is like our soul; where ever we go we need forest. it means the thing that forest produces or gives, Like oxygen is very important we cannot survive without it. Forest has advantages as well as disadvantages as saying goes “Every coin has its two sides”. It is very important for us to know that forests are our primary resources in our life. It gives us air to breathe, fresh water to drink and so on.
Forest is like a switch in our hand and it belongs tous. we should take steps to care our forest and it’s our own responsibilities too to preserve it because if we switch on the light than obviously there will be light for us but if we switch it off ,then it’s like our life will come to an end. That’s why we should take care; we should make our self-awareabout forest and it means being mindful.
In the forest there are many wild animals and on the other hand it is very dangerous for us. But we should plant the trees where we needto plant, not where there are many trees.
Government all over the world has taken steps to conserve forest and on top of that we people also have to conserve forest. Clapping with one hand will not make any sound but clapping with two hands will make sound.Just like that, we should give full support to our government in our country. And we should plant trees as far as possible where the land has less trees or where there are barren land.

Name: Sunita Tamang
Class: VIII
Roll No: 21

(Winner of category I (VII & VIII) Essay Competition held on 02/06/2014 at Tingtibi Lower Sec. School)
Impact of Social Forestry Day in our country
June 2nd as you know is celebrated as social forestry day all over Bhutan. This program has Great Impact on our country and its people. On this day we plant trees and saplings in our surrounding to make our school a green place to live in, where we can study and learn very well.
On this day people are able to know the important of forest in our daily life. Forest as you all know is the source of all the raw materials used for making thing like house, furniture, etc. even the animals live in the forest.
Our planet, mother earth is also supported by forest and it is the only planet which has forest cover. All the Bhutanese should know the effects of not having a forest. For example without forest we will not get the water for drinking and survival. Forest even supports life as it gives oxygen to breathe in and fresh air for all of us.
The people will be able to know how to conserve and protect forest and animals. They can protect it by planting more numbers of trees and by not cutting so many trees around our surrounding.
As a result of deforestation, in some places people are not getting enough water to drink why? Because they have cut the tree but they didn’t plant trees again that’s why they don’t get enough water to drink and without threes some place have become barren and very hot places.
People also know that without forest there will be no rain because of no water cycle. Ecosystem or food chain will be damaged and all the plants and animals will not survive.
When we plant more trees global warming will be reduced people also get food from the forest like mushroom, fern, bamboo shoot, etc.
Our 4th King Jigme Singye Wangchuck has told forest should be always above 60 percent. Because of fresh water from forest we have many hydro power project, which gives electricity and earn money for our country.
As saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, let us prevent our natural environment forest to live a happy live in future and to keep above 60 percent forest cover in our mother earth and to have fresh water and air like oxygen and wind for our daily work. So we know that forest is so fragile that’s why we have to protect our forest.

Name: Nima Dorji’B’
Class: VII
Roll No: 16
(Second Runners up of category I (VII & VIII) Essay Competition held on 02/06/2014 at Tingtibi Lower Sec. School)
Impact of Social Forestry Day in our country
As we know that forest is everything around us. And it is very important for all of us on this planet we should protect and conserve our forest/ natural environment for our mother earth and make her happy.
Mainly to focus on impacts of social forestry, I would like to say that, celebrating the social forestry day is very excellent job especially to those who are planting and celebrating social forestry day. And the most important things about social forestry day is it reminds us to socialize with our friends about how to plant the seedlings and also to plant trees and conserve our nature. On June 2nd, all over the world they celebrate social forestry day and they plant the seedlings and also enjoy a lot. Teachers say the importance of planting trees. Not only teachers everyone’s says that this.
If we plant the seedlings everywhere and anywhere it grows. But when we are planting the plants we have to take care by putting manure and pouring water all the time. But most important thing is that to conserve very nicely.
When they becomes big, they will provide us with fresh air to breathe in, they also give us shade to take rest. As we know that many different types of animals lives there to protect from danger. When the forest are thick with peace ecosystem, life cycle of water, plant and so on will go nicely and our mother earth feels with peace, happiness and joyful. If we plants the plant there will be more water and enough food to eat, clothes to wear. It will also look green and clean environment. We know that by planting something we will get good outputs if there is good input and processes between them. So we have to think nicely that if we plant more trees than there will be more products.
But on the other side if we do not plant the seedlings or if there is less tree around us the output product will be low. If we do not plant trees then, first of all the soil will become harder and harder. There will be formation of crakes and holds on the ground. Then slowly water stops to flow down. And all the things will turn into desert where there is no trees growing there. Life cycle of water may stop and when there is heavy rainfall all the things will wash away by the erosion and flood. Plants cannot grow well and there will be less product to eat. Ecosystem in the forest gets destroyed and many animals will die and some may suffer like human do. People will also not get food to eat and water to drink, slowly all the living things will extinct faster. At last the life on earth will be in darkness like, “without knowledge we will not know anything” and there will be nothing on this earth.  
So lastly, I would like to say that forest are most important thing in our daily life. We should protect our natural environment ant the preservation of our natural environment is one of the four pillars of our natural development philosophy of GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS. So lets join our hands all together to conserve our forest/ natural environment to be healthy, young and green. And also to keep for the future generation. They will use and who knows they might keep for again for future generation in this way our forest will be healthy. I think that forest are great teachers and friends too. But one of the most important thing is that we have to keep for our future generation, they will use this and brings very good development and changes around the world. As saying goes “NURTURE THE NATURE, SAVE THE FUTURE”.

Name: Yeshi Yangzom
Class: VIII
Roll No: 30

Inspirations From Uninspired
For everyone, Life is beautiful! Trouble that comes along our way are the things that brace our future. As a human being, everyone is same and equally important because nothing is good or bad, as Shakespeare states, it’s our thinking that judge things.

It's my honor to introduce Nima Dorji, a person who, by his appearance, can be identified as a special child (mentally and physically unsound).

Whenever we see him, we will never fail to spot his feeble smile. He’s got a very smooth attitude that everyone loves it. He never have a temper. He doesn’t have desires. He doesn’t have enemies.

Every hornless animal make use of him, but that’s how our world’s a chaos, when things are made to be used and people to be loved, things are loved and people are used.

For him, he treats everyone the same, be it his inferiors or his superior for a –man is judged on the way he treats his inferiors-. He’s got a little sense of humor. He laughs without reason because he knows that problems of life are never ending and a day is a waste without a laugh that made your belly hurt.

He taught me to always smile because life is short, taught me that attitude is more important than your appearance because even if people sees you by your look, you are loved by your attitude.

"The Only Disability In Life Is A Bad Attitude"

Never get your mood pissed off, stay happy. When life gives you a lemon, make it lemonade. Forgive easy, and avoid enemies because they are the thief of your happiness. The best way to destroy an enemy is to be his friend.

But of all, he still goes to school even when he knows his own conditions, get appreciations, come back home happy and that’s his beautiful life.

Who can call him a Disabled when he is much better than the ill-attitude people around? Who actually is disabled?

                                                                     Contributed by: Lungten Wangchuk, X 'A', Zhemgang HSS

Good Teacher opposing to Kind Teacher

“…writing this article doesn’t imitate at all criticism to any of the teachers…”

I woke up early in the morning with a slight cough and cold. My dilute eyes, runny nose, and drowsy head, made me no atmosphere to head towards school. But believing that I would learn something, or maybe do something, I prepared towards school.

As a student, I have to be in an appropriate uniform whether I am healthy or unwell. So I wore my Gho, put on my socks and laced my shoes. Reaching school, everyone seemed pathetic looking to my feeble face. “Zo atsara bo za zaw zum thom mey sa, Lungten”, one of my funny mate bluffed. From the way he said, I can make out that he’s trying to make me smile. So even if I don’t want to, for the God’s sake, I smiled at him.

Everything went well until the bell rung for Math period. The teacher was solving a problem on the board. “Hey Lungten, where have you lost? Are you in the class? Concentrating? I was observing you from the beginning of the period and you seemed lost”, my math teacher shouted on me. “Yeah miss, I’m concentrating”, I thought. I can’t even tell her that I’m sick because the truth is my face can let somebody see anything about my condition. Rather than her, I was feeling all the guilt about the situation. She broke up the whole period. I was disconsolate by her words…

…“Good afternoon, have your sit”, our Physics teacher declared. As soon as he saw my face, he said, “Lungten, what happened? Sick huh? You can take rest”. I wasn’t surprised by the way he was kind to me, but I was really amazed how easily he can make out my condition. I wasn’t resting, I was listening to him the whole period, and didn’t miss a single word he spoke, understood everything he taught…

Contributed by: Lungten Wangchuk X 'A' Zhemgang HSS

A student to his teacher

Try to be human being not just a teaching machine. Do not touch only a subject, but rather teach us students. Let me feel that you are interested in me as a human being not just a number in your note book.
Do not judge me by the marks I get in my test, but rather by the effort I make. Do not expect me to think of school and studies as the greatest pleasure in life. They are not at least for me. Do not expect me to prefer the subject which you teach. Other subjects may be interested too, and perhaps even more so, at least for me.

Help me to learn, study and judge myself, not just to memorize the ready-made answers. Remember, once upon a time, you were a student yourself. Did you always get good marks in your test? Did you never forget a thing? Are you perfect in anything? Did you never make a mistake? 

Study Habits

Did you ever stop to wonder what sets apart the really successful students
from the average ones? Why do some students who appear to study all the
time just get by, while others who don’t appear to put in as much time and
effort do well? Is it all related to IQ and genetics or are some other factors
involved? The truth is that success in school is not so much determined by
sheer intelligence as knowing how to study.
Studying is a skill. Being successful in school requires a high level of study
skills. Students must first learn these skills, practice them and develop
effective study habits in order to be successful. Very often the study habits
and practices developed and used in high school do not work for students in
Good study habits include many different skills: time management, selfdiscipline,
concentration, memorization, organization, and effort. Desire

to succeed is important, too.